How digital signage has revolved around us?

How digital signage has revolved around us?

We have walked in digital era. With evolution in technology more companies have started adopting digital marketing over conventional ways of advertising. Marketing is no more restricted to smart phones or billboards. The future of retail marketing is here and it’s called digital signage technology. Retail store marketing is witnessing online marketing revolution. Retailers that use digital signage have a competitive edge over retailers that don’t use digital signage. Digital signage is also studied as dynamic digital signage or multimedia digital signage ฟิล์มอัจฉริยะ. It is a form of advertising that uses digital content to display the information about the product through devices like projection screen display, videos or audio system. Digital signage is mostly placed near entrances or public places to lure the customer and deliver required information

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Digital signage has proved to be very efficient in terms of time and cost to both retailers and customer. Digital signage can be seen in different locations mostly Smart Film, indoor and outdoor. What is outdoor digital signage? Companies locate the digital screens regarding the content of the product they want to advertise at various public places, such that a greater number of customers can see the screen. Most of the big retailers choose out door location for digital signage. It is possible that almost every person sees a digital signage in their daily lives. One of the prime examples of outdoor digital signage is Times Square building in New York city or various famous plazas around the world. Other potential digital signage locations are gas stations, metro station, subways or mall. 

Digital signage upgrades the visibility of the brand, as more customers can see the campaign in public areas than inside retail stores. Digital signage demands large investment, but the returns are pretty high. Retailers should anticipate the cost of campaign before deploying a digital signage. As a digital signage will draw the customer to the store, but making the purchase is the sole wish of the consumer. Indoor digital signage is more interactive than outdoor digital signage and has relatively more features like touchscreen. According to studies, indoor digital signage boosts more sales than outdoor digital signage as the customer is in the store and close to point of sale. Indoor digital signage is suitable for the companies that want to invest low in advertising. 

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Digital signage is very constructive form of advertising especially if you want the customer to stay with you Chiefway Thailand. When customers watch the digital signages in public places or within the store, they are more likely to recall the brand even if they have passed through it. Digital signage technology is remarkable and new in the market. Customers prefer to gather brand related information from the videos, images than reading the billboards. It saves their time and kelps in retention of the data. When customers are close to the point of sales, digital signage can influence them to buy the product after all not all sales are rational. Putting a digital signage near the point of sales increases the chances of purchase by the customer.